By Philip Yungkin Lee

With A chinese language personality an afternoon you could grasp 365 crucial chinese language characters in precisely mins an afternoon! each one sheet introduces a brand new personality in daring, easy-to-read variety, with pronunciation, meanings, stroke order, and 4 compounds illustrating utilization. 5 mins an afternoon and you're in your technique to writing chinese language like a local! for simple reference and evaluation, 365 characters are indexed.

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A ..... chanσe "". L. u ... ..... o be mentioned within the moment tone. simply as English is spoken with various accents, so is chinese language; inexperienced persons of chinese language needs to consequently improve an ear for the language CONSONANTS the next bargains a advisor to the pronunciation of the traditional Hanyu Pinyin method of romanization, that's used just about all over the realm. such a lot consonants are pronounc巴d as in English 巳組理鐙 c English lts ci its (silent“i") q cheat (said with a pu百of air) chip (silent“i") qi r um SI swmg x sea z bits zi bits (silent“i") ch church (said with one's tongue roll巴d again and刊jth a pant of air) she (said with one's tongu巴 rolled again) jerk (said with one' s tongue rolled again) sh zh VOWELS Pinyi旦 a e 量出sh father chicken pin (single “i" is pronounced“e" as in he). o move u July ü feud (said with round巴d lips) ao how hay no (said with a moderate pull) wait ei ou ul Alphabetical Index b孟i bàn bàn béi bén bi五o cuo D d証 dà dài dàn dào dà。 c al chお19 ch加g オ レ衣最中 C dé (verb) 269 de 215 d己ng 225 dì one hundred sixty five 203 288 323 ninety one 318 303 202 250 240 34 356 205 VAVA F筋 向 bù cóng 118 E ' e 色 bìí/bù Cl 257 350 u biàn chuáng 229 1 、 biãn chii chuán 打 大 代 位 到 道 得 的 灯 山地 bi chí 137 108 fむ1 fãng 103 fàng 166 fëi 129 fën 142 fëng 267 fìí 258 fù 139 fù 260 G 234 gal eighty g通i 161 g通n 176 g通ng gao gao ge eighty three ge つ ge gel gen 表 法 230 321 332 one hundred and five 327 294 seventy four 220 forty three jし a hundred and ten 351 264 gong 298 gong 収 工公 号 歌 小 川倍増 塚氏 感 港 高 ムロ 山 bãng chéng chï 207 fifty seven 270 仮 オ リ放九 分 凡 輔 父 附 ba five nine 7 7 7 nine eight 7 four five nine nine eight zero ぷU F、uAUT今Jnu rD AUζu new york 勺F AUT--弓コ 今4 'I '143 'l 'Iゥ“ ,l 'l 'I 内3 'I bà eight bã 八、 を屯 百 ふ 半 部叩北 本 比 述 使 表 不 歩 B 305 弟 第 占… 典 も店 、 利定 士小久、、 憧 劫都渋対多 chë 361 o σbobobσbσ。 n n n n 、 a a n n n n n u a v a 、 v a 、 chàng u u o , O O ‘ o v o 1 - 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