By Ronelle Alexander

Three professional languages have emerged within the Balkan sector that was once previously Yugoslavia: Croatian in Croatia, Serbian in Serbia, and either one of those languages plus Bosnian in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook introduces the coed to all 3. Dialogues and routines are offered in every one language, proven aspect through part for simple comparability; additionally, Serbian is rendered in either its Latin and its Cyrillic spellings. lecturers may perhaps decide upon a unmarried language to exploit within the lecture room, or they could familiarize scholars with all 3. This renowned textbook is now revised and up-to-date with present maps, dialogue of a Montenegrin language, suggestion for self-study newbies, an elevated thesaurus, and an appendix of verb varieties. It additionally features:

•    All dialogues, workouts, and homework assignments on hand in Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian
•    lecture room workouts designed for either small-group and full-class paintings, taking into consideration greatest oral participation
•    examining decisions written through Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian authors specifically for this book
•    Vocabulary lists for every person part and whole glossaries on the finish of the book
•    a quick lively movie, on an accompanying DVD, to be used with bankruptcy 15
•    short grammar factors after every one discussion, with a cross-reference to extra specified grammar chapters within the better half e-book, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Grammar.

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2. Чу̀вај се! По̀моћи ћу ти! Али ако ја теби по̀мажем, ти исто мени мораш да по̀могнеш. 1. У пѝсању за̀датака? Ха̀јде да у̀чимо заједно. По мом мишљењу, ја и ти ћемо на тај на̀ч ин најлакше све да о̀бјаснимо. 2. Слажем се. Гла̀ва ме већ бо̀ли од у̀чења. Прво ћемо да однѐсемо књиге, онда ћу да те одвѐзем код себе кући колима, па ћемо тамо заједно да у̀чимо. 1. По̀могла нам је прошлог пу̀та и ка̀фа! Морам да се ра̀збудим. Спава ми се. 2. Веруј ми, нѝсам на то забо̀равила! Ако те не бо̀ли и сто̀мак, ѝмам доста ка̀фе и за тебе и за себе. ☞ change prsti with palci. ☞ exchange nòga with kòleno [E] kòljeno [J], and lèđa with ramèna. ☞ substitute knjige with rečnici [E] rječnici [J], stòlice, stòlovi. ☞ substitute kàfa [B,S] kàva [C] with vìno, pivo. 151 Deseta lekcija Lesson Ten zGRAMMAR * Verbal nouns * Nouns will be shaped from verbal roots through including the suffix -nje preceded by means of a protracted vowel. If the verb’s infinitive leads to -ati, that vowel is a. differently it truly is e, that can (but doesn't continually) reason a transformation within the stem-final consonant. [112c] those nouns frequently seek advice from the continued means of an motion yet they could additionally check with the actual fact of an motion. [108, 116] For extra in this kind of consonant shift, see p. 163. Suffix: -anje infinitive verbal noun čìtati pìsati crtati čìtanje pìsanje crtanje Suffix: -enje interpreting writing drawing infinitive verbal noun ùčiti misliti òbjasniti ùčenje mišljenje objašnjèn je studying pondering, opinion clarification * The human physique * a couple of nouns relating components of the physique have abnormal varieties. The phrases that means “eye” and “ear” are neuter within the singular. Their plural kinds, even if, are female, with the endings of female nouns in a consonant, and with Gpl. in -iju. The singular of “ear” is uho [B,C] or uvo [S] (although uho can be used). a number of different paired physique elements have Gpl. types in -u. [110a] Nsg Asg Gsg DLsg Isg NApl Gpl DLIpl oko uho uvo rùka nòga oko uho uvo ruku nogu oka uha uva rùke nòge oku uhu uvu rùci nòzi okom uhom uvom rùkom nògom oči uši uši ruke noge òčiju ùšiju ùšiju ruku nogu očima ušima ušima rùkama nògama eye ear ear hand, arm leg, foot whilst a physique half “hurts,” the physique half itself is the topic of the sentence, and the person that feels the soreness in his or her physique is expressed within the accusative case. The verb is boleti / boljeti. therefore, for example, noge me bole “my ft hurt,” or glàva je bòli “her head hurts. ” [110b] * Verbs of delivery * As noticeable in Lesson 7, BCS has 3 varied verbs that means “take [something or a person] [somewhere],” all rhyming with one another to an volume, and all with mostly predictable meanings. hence, if one is taking an item, or a residing being that needs to be carried (such as a baby), the verbal root nos- is used. the opposite crisis a residing being able to relocating below its personal energy. If one is “taking” this being someplace taking walks, the verbal root vod- is used, but when the stream is by way of motor vehicle, the verbal root voz- is used.

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