A Forgotten Realms superadventure that ties into R.A. Salvatore's battle of the Spider Queen novel series.

This is the 1st experience produced for the Forgotten Realms environment because the Forgotten nation-states crusade Setting sourcebook was once published in the summertime of 2001. Designed to take characters from heart to excessive degrees of play, this event ties in on to occasions happening in R.A. Salvatore's battle of the Spider Queen novel series.

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They've got began a gentle crusade of intrigue and assassination, yet have didn't muster the complete energy in their homes at the back of them. The ensuing rash of murders and one-on-one combats has thinned the numbers of Lolth’s weakened clerics whereas leaving room for males—particularly retailers and wizards, but in addition the warring parties who carry secondary positions within the houses—to declare the real management of the town. Kiaransalee’s cult prospers during this new surroundings, although it continues to be small and mostly invisible. every one noble condominium, a festering sore of anger and vengefulness within the wake of the battles one of the Matron moms, now harbors at the very least one secretive worshiper of 10 Underdark Campaigns Saves: citadel +22, Ref +33, Will +37 skills: Str 24, Dex 28, Con —, Int forty-one, Wis 28, Cha 25 abilities: Alchemy +33, Bluff +29, focus +49, Craft (jewelrymaking) +41, international relations +15, cover +28, Innuendo +33, Intimidate +23, wisdom (arcana) +64, wisdom (history) +32, wisdom (planes) +32, wisdom (religion) +41, wisdom (undead) +61, hear +27, flow Silently +23, Scry +64, seek +35, feel purpose +23, Spellcraft +64, Spot +27 Feats: wrestle Casting, Empower Spell, magnify Spell, expand Spell, additional Turning (x2), Forge Ring, larger Spell concentration (Necromancy), larger Spell Penetration, Heighten Spell, Lightning Reflexes, Maximize Spell, Quicken Spell, Scribe Scroll, Silent Spell, Spell concentration (Evocation), Spell concentration (Illusion), Spell concentration (Necromancy), Spell Mastery (animate useless, circle of demise, keep an eye on undead, enervation, worry, finger of loss of life, horrid wilting, strength note kill, soul bind, wail of the banshee), Spell Penetration, nonetheless Spell Drow features: Kiaransalee profits a +2 racial bonus on Will saves opposed to attraction spells or results. She has darkvision (120-foot range), and she or he is entitled to a seek cost while inside five toes of a mystery or hid door as if actively trying to find it. She earnings a +2 bonus on Will saves opposed to spells or spell-like skills. As a drow, Kiaransalee has mild blindness (blinded for 1 around by way of abrupt publicity to shiny gentle, –1 penalty on all assault rolls, saves, and assessments whereas working in vibrant light). Divine Immunities: Kiaransalee is resistant to skill harm, skill drain, acid, banishment, chilly, demise results, ailment, disintegration, electrical energy, power drain, fireplace, imprisonment, mind-influencing results, paralysis, poison, sleep, wonderful, and transmutation. As an undead, she is usually resistant to necromantic results and any impact requiring a Fortitude shop except it additionally works on gadgets. Salient Divine talents: modify shape, modify measurement, Arcane Mastery, keep watch over Creatures (undead, 6 creatures right away and consistent with day, Will DC 23), Divine Spellcasting, additional area (Drow), additional area (Retribution), Hand of demise (Fort keep DC 33). area Powers: forged chaos spells at +1 caster point; additional Turning and Lightning Reflexes as bonus feats; solid evil spells at +1 caster point; 1/day might strike for max harm opposed to an opponent that harmed her in strive against.

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