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Sy, Nik, Shani and Monica have been most sensible neighbors for so long as they can consider. They have been all born and raised in Washington D.C. The younger ladies crammed their days with completing their senior 12 months of highschool; whereas at evening they have been the celebrities of the hood. all of the girls hated them and all of the males sought after them. They controlled to stick as distant from all of the drama that went on within the hood as attainable. With university of their close to destiny, lifestyles for the foursome couldn’t get any higher. that's till love all of sudden reveals them and knocks them down. With every thing going so correct they're all floating on cloud 9. convinced their lives have been headed at the correct direction, they felt like not anything may possibly get it wrong or convey them down. yet precise to the legislations of Gravity: What is going up needs to come down. whilst tragedy moves and love comes among them it creates a downward spiral that nobody may have observed coming. A battle is at the upward push they usually locate themselves stuck in the course of it. they're now scuffling with one another and scuffling with for romance. yet, while it’s all stated and performed who can be left status to stay the lifetime of their desires.

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Sy screamed and hit the fuel. even supposing they have been shut, it appeared to this point away. As Sy approached Niks motor vehicle, the Navigator used to be long past and out of website. Sy hurriedly obtained out of her vehicle and ran over to Niks. Her automobile had jumped the scale down and hit a mild publish. “Nikki” Sy yelled banging at the window. “Nikki, open the door. ” She yelled out to her back, attempting to open the door; however it used to be locked. Nik was once riding Tré’s automobile and the home windows have been blacked out. Sy couldn’t see something, yet she may possibly pay attention child Mia crying. “Somebody support me please, name 911. ” Sy yelled to the folks status round taking a look at the drama spread. “We already did. ” an older girl shouted. having a look round, Sy chanced on a brick and banged it up opposed to the window till it broke. achieving within the window, she unlocked the doorways commencing the again door. She instantly took child Mia out of her vehicle seat and checked her for bullet holes. whilst she didn’t locate any, she sat her at the sidewalk and attended to Nik. She used to be subconscious and bleeding like loopy. Sy cried as she checked out her pal and held her head in her fingers. She checked her for a pulse and prayed she might locate one; it was once vulnerable, however it used to be there. “Excuse me mam, we'd like you to step out of ways. ” The paramedic stated. Sy was once so distraught, that she didn’t even listen them pull up. Getting out of ways, she went and collected child Mia; who was once crying and scared. Sy sat and watched, the paramedics paintings carefully on Nik and rush her to the clinic. A cop had come over to Sy and requested her a number of questions after which a paramedic came to visit and checked child Mia out. After the child was once given a fresh invoice of overall healthiness, Sy grabbed her vehicle seat out of Tré’s automobile. She positioned it in her vehicle and headed over to the sanatorium. the entire far more than, Sy simply prayed and prayed that her woman didn’t die. Sy hated to take the infant together with her to the medical institution, yet she fairly didn’t have a call. every thing used to be relocating in gradual movement for her. She was once immediately reminded of the day, she discovered her mom died. Pulling into the health facility car parking zone, Sy grabbed child Mia and ran inside of. ***** “Shut the fuck up, you whinge ass nigga” Freeze acknowledged, as he complain slapped Fox. “Man I…. ” he all started prior to he became to spit out a wad of blood. “Can you no less than inform me what I did? ” Fox pleaded desperately, attempting to work out what was once occurring. Freeze shook his head “Little niggas simply don’t hear. while an individual inform you, to close the fuck up that’s what the fuck you do” he acknowledged evenly. He walked as much as Fox and slapped him upside the pinnacle together with his 9; knocking him out. “I wager he close up now. ” Jake stated additionally bored with the entire bitchin Fox was once doing. “Damn, that nigga been speaking ever given that we picked his ass up” he stated shaking his head and taking the domino items out the draw. “Hell yeah…Let’s get this video game going my nigga” Freeze stated as he lit his blunt they usually sat all the way down to play a video game of Dominos; until eventually, Coke and Tré arrived. They acquired in 3 sturdy video games, sooner than they heard toes descending the stairs. “Aint yall niggas presupposed to be workin?

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