By Wayne Horowitz, Takayoshi Oshima, Seth L. Sanders

One of many earliest surviving manifestations of the cultural background of the Land of Israel in precedent days is using the cuneiform script, from the center Bronze Age to the Iron Age. The Cuneiform in Canaan quantity offers for the 1st time the complete corpus of all ninety one cuneiform drugs and inscribed gadgets which have been recovered from the Land of Israel, together with cuneiform pills from the Bronze Age towns of Canaan, texts from the towns of the Philistines, and inscriptions from the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. the quantity, which gives serious variations, updated bibliographies and dialogue for every resource, is the fruits of the paintings of the Cuneiform in Canaan study undertaking of the Hebrew college of Jerusalem, below the directorship of Dr. Wayne Horowitz of the dept of old close to japanese reports.

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LAM. hul. los angeles is such as MSL V sixty one, Urra II 133: KI. LAM nu. sig5 . ga, MSL V sixty two, Urra II 139: KI. LAM nu. dug. ga, "a no longer sturdy price". Razor 7: heart Bronze Age Administrative rfile fundamentals: Clay pill; 4x3x0. eight em; reproduction, p. 211; images, p. 228 Reg. No. : IAA 1997-3303 (present situation: Israel Museum) RAZOR seventy seven Left area Numerals remark the private names in Hazar 7 are mentioned intimately in Horowitz and Shaffer 1992a: 26-32 with a few corrections in 1992b. The identify ofthe storm-god dJM is learn Addu right here at the foundation of the syllabically-written names in traces 8'-9', eleven' and rev. three. In strains 5', 7' and rev. 6 we take DINGIR to be for the identify of the western god E1 (El), yet readings il, ilum, ila, and so forth. also are attainable. observe the peripheral shape isput rather than ordinary ispit in line 10'. Left facet For the numerals at the left facet, see Horowitz and Shaffer 1992a: 32. To the checklist lodge. 32, upload Dalley 1991: nos. sixty two, 163,228. Razor eight: heart Bronze Age Letter Fragment fundamentals: Clay pill; 3x2. 7x0. four em; reproduction, p. 212; photograph, p. 229 Reg. No. : IAA 1997-3304 (present position: Institute of Archaeology, the Hebrew college of Jerusalem) basic e-book: Horowitz and Shaffer 1992b: 165-166 (photo and replica, p. a hundred sixty five) reviews: Zadok 1996: 104-105; Rainey 1999: 155*; Goren 2000: 35-36; van der Toom 2000: ninety eight; Na,aman 2004: ninety two Date: previous Babylonian interval; heart Bronze Age Language: Akkadian locate details: See Ben-Tor 1992b: 259-260 version TRANSLATION 1 2 three To Ibni-[ ... Message of Irp[ a- ... relating to bringing the younger girl within the automobile[ e of .. . one girl, Ab[a-.. . Rai[ sed] objections [ .. . hence she (said): "until. [ ... She acknowledged [ .. . four five 6 7 eight nine a-na lb-ni-[ ... um-ma mJr-p[a- ... as-sum SAL. TUR i-na qa-a[t ... ta-re-e-em x [ .. . DIS SAL mA-b[a- .. . a-wa-tim u-pa-[ar-ri-ik . . . fum 1-ma f sil-i-ma a-di X [ .. . iq-bi-am [ ... x x x x rS/1 [ ... . .... [ .. . seventy six 7 eight nine CUNEIFORM IN CANAAN l/3 GIN KU. BABBAR Bu-nu-ma-nu l/3 GIN KV. BABBAR/a-da-fdal f1j31 [GIN] fKUl. [BABBA]R X [ ••• correct area 1 ... IGI. x. G]AL m! Ja-ba-du Left facet Numerals TRANSLATION Obverse 1' l/2 sh[ ekel of silver, PN] 2' l/2 shekel of silver, [PN] three' l/2 shekel of silver, P[N] four' l/2 [sh]ekel of silver, Ilu-kayyanum five' l/2 shekel of silver, ISme-El 6' half shekel of silver, Y ahtuq-Addu 7' l/2 shekel of silver, Hinni-El eight' 0.5 shekel of silver, Isnidu nine' l/2 shekel of silver, Siblidu 10' l/2 [sh]ekel of silver, lsput-Addu eleven' [ l/2 sh]ekel of silver, [H] abdadu decrease side 1 l/2 shekel of silver, Abi-rapi 2 third shekel of silver, Yan~ur-Addu opposite 1 [1]/3 shekel of silver, Intedu, the smith 2 l/3 shekel of silver, Intedu-Addu three l/3 shekel of silver, lblutadu four l/3 shekel of silver, Abi-Erah five l/3 shekel of silver, Sumupah 6 l/3 shekel of silver, Iblut-El 7 third shekel of silver, Bunumanu eight l/3 shekel of silver, Y adada nine l/3 [shekel of silver, ... correct aspect 1 ... (a fractional quantity) Habbadu RAZOR variation TRANSLATION Prism aspect I col. i 1 60-da 2/3 (sanabi)hi-bi 2 forty. am three su. ri. a. bi 30. am four 2 30 five three 20 6 four 15 7 five 12 eight 6 10 nine eight 7,[30] 10 nine [6,40] eleven 10 [6] 12 12 [5] thirteen 15 [4] 14 r161 [3,45] Base IO identical (restored) 60, 2/3 of it truly is forty, half of it really is 30 2 x30 (= 60) three x20 four X 15 five X 12 6 X 10 eight X 7 0.5 nine X 6 2/3 10 x6 12 X five 15 x4 sixteen X three 3/4 Prism part I col.

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