By Beto O'Rourke

The warfare on medications doesn’t paintings. This turned visible to El Paso urban Representatives Susie Byrd and Beto O’Rourke after they began to ask questions about why El Paso’s sister urban Ciudad Juárez has develop into the deadliest urban within the world—8,000-plus deaths due to the fact that January 1, 2008. Byrd and O’Rourke quickly learned American drug use and usa' failed struggle on medications are on the center of challenge. In Dealing dying and Drugs — a booklet written for the final reader — they discover the prices and effects of marijuana prohibition. They argue that marijuana prohibition has created a black industry so ecocnomic that drug kingpins are billionaires and drug keep watch over doesn’t stand an opportunity. utilizing Juárez as their concentration, they describe the company version of drug trafficking and clarify why this illicit method has resulted in the unending slaughter of humans. Their place: the one rational replacement to the struggle on medications is to finish to the present prohibition on marijuana.

"If Washington won’t do something varied, if Mexico urban won’t do whatever diversified, then it really is as much as us — the voters of the border who comprehend the futility and tragedy of this present coverage first hand — to guide the way." — from the Afterword

A element of the proceeds from the sale of Dealing demise and Drugs should be donated to Centro Santa Catalina, a faith-based group in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, based in 1996 by way of Dominican Sisters for the non secular, academic and financial empowerment of economically terrible ladies and for the welfare in their families.

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