By Paulina Christensen

Enormous quantities of helpful words at your fingertips

communicate German - instantly!

touring to Germany yet have no idea German? Taking German in class yet have to kick up your dialog abilities? don't be concerned! this useful little phrasebook could have you talking German in no time.

realize how you can:

  • Get instructions, store, and devour out
  • Talk numbers, dates, time, and money
  • Chat approximately relatives and work
  • Discuss activities and the weather
  • Deal with difficulties and emergencies

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Do you want to go away him a message? ) Mr. Seibold: Ja bitte. Ich bin unter der Nummer fifty seven 36 forty eight zu erreichen. (yah, bî-te. îH bîn ûn-têr dehr nû-mer fuunf zeebn dry zeks feer âHt tsoo êrry-Hen) (Yes, please. i will be able to be reached on the quantity fifty seven 36 forty eight. ) Receptionist: Ich werde es ausrichten! (îH vehrde ês ows-rîH-ten) (I’ll ahead the message. ) Mr. Seibold: Vielen Dank! Auf Wiederhören! (vee-len dângk. owf vee-der-huo-ren) (Thanks much! goodbye! ) phrases to grasp der Anrufbeantworter dehr ân-roofbe-ânt-vôrtr answering computing device anrufen ân-roo-fen to name endured 12_595539 ch08. qxd 7/13/05 2:08 PM web page 136 136 German words For Dummies phrases to understand (continued) das Telefon dâs tê-le-fohn mobilephone das Telefonbuch dâs tê-le-fohn- yellow pages booH das Telefongespräch dâs tê-le-fohn- telephone name ge-shprehH die Telefonnummer dee tê-le-fohn- mobile nû-mer quantity auf Wiederhören! owf vee-derhuo-ren goodbye! (on the telephone) zurückrufen to name again tsoo-ruukroo-fen Making Appointments You hardly ever get to determine anyone with out making an appointment, so seriously look into a number of the vocabulary which can assist you get throughout the door: ߜ Ich möchte gern einen Termin machen. (îH muoH-te gêrn ay-nen têr-meen mâ-Hen) (I wish to make an appointment. ) ߜ Kann ich meinen Termin verschieben? (kân îH my-nen têr-meen fêr-shee-ben) (Can i alter my appointment? ) And listed here are the various solutions you'll pay attention: ߜ Wann passt es Ihnen? (vân pâst ês ee-nen) (What time fits you? ) ߜ Wie wäre es mit . . .? (vee veh-re ês mît . . . ) (How approximately . . .? ) 12_595539 ch08. qxd 7/13/05 2:08 PM web page 137 bankruptcy eight: should you Gotta paintings 137 ߜ Heute ist leider kein Termin mehr frei. (hoy-te îst ly-der kyn têr-meen mehr fry) (Unfortunately, there's no appointment on hand this present day. ) the subsequent conversation exhibits you the way to make an appointment on the doctor’s workplace: Receptionist: Praxis Dr. Eggert. (prâ-ksîs dôc-tôr ê-gert) (Dr. Eggert’s place of work. ) Anita: Guten Tag, Anita Bauer. Ich möchte einen Termin für nächste Woche machen. (gûtn tahgk, â-nee-tâ bowr. îH muoH-te ay-nen têr-meen fuur nehH-ste vô-He mâ-Hen) (Good day. this is often Anita Bauer. i want to make an appointment for subsequent week. ) Receptionist: Wann passt es Ihnen? (vân pâst ês ee-nen) (What time fits you? ) Anita: Mittwoch wäre intestine. (mît-vôH veh-re goot) (Wednesday will be sturdy. ) Receptionist: Mittwoch ist leider kein Termin mehr frei. Wie wäre es mit Donnerstag? (mîtvôH îst ly-der kyn têr-meen mehr fry. vee veh-re ês mît dônr-stahgk) (Unfortunately, there is not any appointment on hand on Wednesday. How approximately Thursday? ) Anita: Donnerstag ist auch intestine. Geht fünfzehn Uhr? (dônr-stahgk îst owH goot. geht fuunf-tsehn oor) (Thursday is sweet, too. Does 3:00 p. m. paintings? ) Receptionist: Kein challenge. Dann bis Donnerstag! (kyn proh-blehm. dân bîs dônrstahgk) (No challenge. until eventually Thursday. ) Anita: Bis dann. Auf Wiederhören. (bîs dân. owf vee-der-huo-ren) (See then you. goodbye. ) Sending a Letter, Fax, or electronic mail whole books were written in regards to the artwork of writing letters in German; during this part we simply are looking to provide you with adequate details that you should ship your correspondence the place it must cross.

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