By D. Hank Ellison

With terrorist teams increasing their guns of destruction past bombs and bullets, chemical and organic struggle brokers usually are not in simple terms constrained to the battlefield anymore. every so often, they're now getting used on a brand new entrance: significant metropolitan towns. And within the instruction manual of Chemical and organic battle brokers, emergency reaction personnel-from HazMat and Police SWAT groups to Explosive Ordinance Disposal units-will discover a myriad of data on the right way to care for such incidents related to harmful chemical and organic agents.

The 504-page booklet is formatted right into a sequence of indices constructed to facilitate speedy entry to key info on chemical, organic and toxin brokers, with every one index cross-referenced to all others. The wealth of information not just contain the actual visual appeal, scent, symptoms of harmful fabrics corresponding to nerve brokers and vesicants, however the detection and elimination of such brokers and the remedy of sufferers.

Author D. Hank Ellison, a former U.S. Environmental security organisation emergency responder and officer within the Chemical Corps who presents chemical and organic counterterrorism education to HazMat, Police SWAT and Explosive Ordinance Disposal groups, additionally encompasses a litany of guidance from such assets because the US military, DOT and different enterprises.

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