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Upon his go back to Germany in 1921, Kandinsky constructed his thought of the technological know-how of artwork in his e-book about the religious in artwork in Weimar. The Bauhaus interval is the time of Kandinsky's so much excessive construction whilst his genius might turn into higher recognized to the area. This booklet permits us to determine the richness of Kandinsky's paintings via a number of canvases that experience contributed to his overseas status as a painter.

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1944: Kandinsky’s final exhibition at Galerie l’Esquisse in Paris. He falls unwell and dies in December on the age of seventy eight. seventy nine LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS p. four 32. wintry weather Day. Smolensk side road, c. 1916. p. forty 2. Mountain Lake, 1899. p. 6 33. Suburbs of Moscow, c. 1917. p. forty two three. Munich, Schwabing, 1901. p. 7 34. Imatra, 1917. p. forty three four. Achtyrka, Autumn, 1901. p. eight 35. Twilight, 1917. p. forty four 36. Southern, 1917. p. forty five 37. Composition, 1916. p. forty six 38. gray Oval, 1917. p. forty seven 1. Gouspiar, 1907. five. Kochel (the Lake and the inn Grauer Bär), c. 1902. p. nine 6. Poster for the 1st “Phalanx” artwork tuition exhibition, 1901. eighty p. eleven 39. Amazon, 1918. p. forty eight 7. The Park of Saint-Cloud, 1904. p. 12 forty. Rose Knight, 1918. p. forty nine eight. The replicate, 1907. p. thirteen forty-one. White Oval, 1919. p. 50 nine. highway in Murnau, 1908. p. 14 forty two. girl in a Gold gown, c. 1918. p. fifty one 10. summer time panorama, 1909. p. 15 forty three. Kandinsky’s Member Card for the hot eleven. The Blue Mountain, 1908-1909. p. sixteen 12. Improvisation VII, 1909. p. 18 forty four. Engraving III, 1916. p. fifty two thirteen. Improvisation IV, 1909. p. 19 forty five. Composition on Brown, 1919. p. fifty four 14. panorama close to Murnau with Locomotive, 1909. p. 20 forty six. purple Oval, 1920. p. fifty five 15. Fatality, 1909. p. 21 forty seven. Ovals, 1919. p. fifty six sixteen. women in Crinolines, 1909. p. 23 forty eight. On White, 1920. p. fifty seven forty nine. Composition. pink and Black, 1920. p. fifty nine 17. Pastorale, 1911. p. 24 50. Untitled, 1920-1921. p. 60 18. Improvisation XX, 1911. p. 25 fifty one. On Yellow, 1920. p. sixty one 19. photo with a Circle, 1911. p. 26 fifty two. Small Worlds V, 1922. p. sixty two 20. Black Spot I, 1912. p. 27 fifty three. Blue Circle, 1922. p. sixty three 21. The Port of Odessa, c. 1898. p. 28 fifty four. Church in Murnau, 1908-1909. p. sixty four 22. Black traces I, 1913. p. 30 fifty five. In a Black sq., 1923. p. sixty six 23. Composition VII, 1913. p. 31 fifty six. Decisive crimson, 1932. p. sixty seven 24. Small Pleasures, 1913. p. 32 fifty seven. Composition, 1916. p. sixty eight 25. Moscow, Zubovsky sq., c. 1916. p. 33 fifty eight. numerous Circles, 1926. p. sixty nine 26. Analytical Drawing for Composition VII, 1913. p. 35 fifty nine. identify web page of the Bauhaus journal, 1928. p. 70 27. panorama, 1917. p. 35 60. flooring, 1929. p. seventy one sixty one. diversified activities, 1941. p. seventy two 28. Composition, panorama, c. 1915. p. 36 sixty two. Blue Heaven, 1940. p. seventy three 29. Harbour, 1916. p. 37 sixty three. varied components, 1940. p. seventy five 30. Untitled, c. 1916. p. 38 sixty four. crimson Church, 1917. p. seventy six 31. Moscow, purple sq., 1916. p. 39 sixty five. Portrait of Kandinsky, c. 1913. p. seventy eight Artist’s organization of Munich, 1908-1909. p.

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