By Sylvia Day

Specified job strength agent Alexei evening has been in lust with Interstellar Council consultant Briana Michaels ever because the first time he observed her at the vid comm. yet their lives are worlds aside. he is a vampire. She's now not. there is no threat of a courting among them. but he nonetheless goals of her…

When Briana's unpopular place aiding vampiric rights threatens her family members, Alex leaps on the probability to guard her and be together with her. it is a two-week trip to her homeworld, and he will spend it making love with the girl he cannot preserve, attempting to get adequate of her to final an eternity. Their erotic connection is well validated yet their bond does not overshadow the risk surrounding Briana.

A hopeless romance with a lady whose mortal lifestyles is threatened… issues cannot get any worse for Alex. after which somehow…they do.

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