I discovered tips to brew kombucha via experimentation, and that i hugely suggest you do an identical. utilizing varied teas, equivalent to black, eco-friendly, or oolong, will produce subtlely various flavors of kombucha. different variables comprise water temperature, steeping time, in addition to time and temperature for the fermentation procedure. while you’re able to begin, make sure you be variety to yourself—your first few batches of domestic brewed kombucha may perhaps flavor various than the commercially on hand manufacturers. similar to with commercially produced beer and wine, commercially produced kombucha includes proficient fermentation experts who perform their talents day-by-day and feature built the way to manufacture a constant product. Don’t be stunned in the event that your first few batches have variable taste profiles. carry on attempting and you'll be richly rewarded with a kombucha you and your mates will fall in love with. MAKES 1 GALLON apparatus 1-gallon glass jar or 2 half-gallon jars 6- to 8-quart chrome steel pot and lid (for steeping tea) extra stockpot or vessel to decant steeped tea Colander or mesh strainer Measuring cups Slotted spoon Timer Thermometer fresh cotton textile Rubber bands Straw Plastic funnel Fine-mesh strainer eight to ten (16-ounce) sealable bottles, ideally glass, both screw-top or flip-top elements 14 cups purified water sixteen to twenty tea baggage; or eight tablespoons (35 grams) loose-leaf black tea or eco-friendly tea, 6 tablespoons (35 grams) balled oolong tea, or 10 tablespoons (35 grams) unfastened open-leaf oolong tea 1 cup evaporated cane sugar 2 cups starter tea 1 or 2 SCOBYs (Symbiotic Colony of micro organism and Yeast) (1 in keeping with fermentation jar) warmth 6 cups of the water to 212°F for black tea, 170°F for eco-friendly tea, 185°F for oolong over medium warmth in a 6- to 8-quart stainless-steel pot. get rid of the water from the warmth and upload the tea. Stir good and canopy the pot with the lid to maintain the steeping temperature constant, which guarantees the simplest style extraction. Steep for four mins for black and eco-friendly tea; steep for five mins for oolong. Stir as soon as halfway throughout the steeping interval. in case you have steeped with tea luggage, use a spoon or tongs to take away the baggage. when you've got used loose-leaf tea, pour the tea via a colander or advantageous mesh strainer into moment pot (see picture below). Compost the tea leaves. upload the sugar to the brewed tea and stir till dissolved. upload the remainder eight cups of water. Stir. This trick reduces the temperature speedy. determine the tea has cooled to room temperature (72°F or cooler), as including a reside kombucha tradition to water warmer than 72°F can damage the tradition.

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