This quantity deals a huge survey of our present country of data at the connections among variability in language use and the development, negotiation, upkeep and function of identities. Bringing jointly the services of uncommon overseas students in especially commissioned chapters, the e-book presents a thematic reader and crucial source for complicated scholars and researchers in language and identification studies.Leading students consider:* Theoretical and methodological ways to the examine of language and id* person identities* team and group identities* nationwide and supra-local local identitiesDealing sequentially with either social and private identities at quite a few degrees, the chapters use designated empirical proof to demonstrate how the multi-layered, dynamic nature of identities is realised via linguistic behaviour. a number of chapters within the assortment specialize in contexts during which a heightened experience of id can be anticipated: circumstances within which identities can be disputed, altering, blurred, peripheral, or imposed. the sort of specialise in advanced contexts permits clearer perception into the identity-making and -marking capabilities of language. the gathering techniques those subject matters from various views, with contributions from sociolinguists, sociophoneticians, linguistic anthropologists, scientific linguists and forensic linguists.

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