Almost always mesostics encouraged by means of tune, mushrooms, Marcel Duchamp, Merce Cunningham, Marshall McCluhan, and so forth. and contains "Mureau"-composed from the writings of Henry David Thoreau.

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We obsolesce. Life's eternal. participants should not. A mushroom lasts for just a very short while. frequently i am going within the woods considering in any case those years I ought ultimately to be tired of fungi. yet coming upon simply any mushroom in fine condition, I lose my brain yet again. superb luck: we are bo th al i ve! CXXXL issues governments wlslt to «I I vide among us belong to we all: the land, for example, underneath the oceans. humans communicate of literacy. yet I, for one, cannot learn or write any computing device language. merely numbers i do know are these in keeping with ten. i am uneducated. domestic in Wayzata, Minnesota's greatly like a house close to Sitges (just south of Barcelona). Now we are itinerant there is not any cause to move on, for example, determining fruit. on account that we are living longer, Margaret Mead says, we will switch what we do. we will be able to cease no matter what it used to be we promised we might regularly do and do anything else. GXXXII. he's considered one of my closest buddies. He requested me for help.. I gave it. He could not use it. television consultant tells what is going on, does not inform what we are obliged to examine. the place you're limits what channels you could obtain. (Hearing sounds ahead of they are audible isn't the option to undergo them. ) Imitate the phones of your homes'n'highways. (Their indifference. ) they are not displeased whilst the individual conversing is black. they are not happy whilst the individual conversing is black. whilst woman answerable for college concerls requested what track day was once to be referred to as, I responded Godamu&icday. She used to be thrilled. Her husband, additionally affiliated with collage ( b u t in its criminal aspects), wasn't. "Profanity is forbidden. not anything could be revealed that may come to the Governor*» become aware of. " D u c h a m p , requested even if h e believed in God: N o . God is Man's stupidest proposal. CXXXIII. touring from one position to a different we confine ourselves to the roads. that is why, after all, w e believe so populated: we are too picky concerning the area we use. visitors had left. ahead of going to mattress, whereas interpreting a booklet he'd got that morning, he chuckled. Ten mins later, brushing his tooth, he died. complete Earth. We attach Satie with Thoreau. 11th thunderclap? 1928. Walter enjoyed the chinese language, hated Communists. He could not undergo the japanese. thankfully for Uncle, he died earlier than the tables grew to become. Mushroom? Leaf? Backs soreness. If we had immortal existence (but we don't), it would be average to do as we do now: spend our time killing each other. CXXXIV. Chad wick, gardener at Santa Cruz. Nobby'd stated, "You needs to meet our wizard. " (Chadwick's again, 71 Nobby informed me, were injured in warfare, but if we went mushrooming together with his student-helpers, Chadwick, half-naked, leapt and ran like a pony. Catching up with him, it used to be pleasure and poetry I heard him communicate. yet whereas I listened he spotted a few far away objective throughout and down the fields and, shouting whatever i could not comprehend simply because he'd already grew to become away, he used to be long past. ) S t u d e n t s h a d defected f r o m t h e college o r had e o m e particularly from afar to w o r okay with h i m like slaves. T h e y slept u n s h e l t e r e d in t h e woods.

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