By Peter Constantine

Making Out in Korean is a enjoyable, available and thorough Korean phrasebook and advisor to the Korean language as it truly is particularly spoken.

Nan neoga joa michigesseo! Uri tto mannalkka?—(I'm loopy approximately you! we could meet again?) resolution this adequately in Korean and you'll be occurring a sizzling date. Incorrectly, and also you may be hurting a persons' emotions or getting a slap! Korean sessions and textbooks are inclined to spend loads of time rehearsing for a similar fictitious situations yet likelihood is whereas in Korea you'll spend much more time attempting to make new associates or commence new romances—something you could now not be ready for.

If you're a pupil, businessman or vacationer touring to South Korea or North Korea and want to have an real and significant adventure, the secret's having the ability to communicate like a neighborhood. This pleasant and easy-to-use Korean word booklet makes this attainable. Making out in Korean has been conscientiously designed to behave as a advisor to fashionable colloquial Korean to be used in daily casual interactions—giving entry to one of these catchy Korean expressions that are not lined in conventional language fabrics. in addition to the Romanized varieties (romanji), each one expression is given in actual Korean script (hangul), in order that when it comes to problems the ebook may be proven to the individual the consumer is attempting to speak with. moreover, easy-to-use phonetic spellings of all Korean phrases and words are given. for instance "How are you?"—annyeonghaseyo? can be written as anh-nyawng-hah-seyo?

This Korean phrasebook includes:

  • A advisor to announcing Korean phrases correctly.
  • factors of easy Korean grammar, akin to, notice order, questions, and formal vs. casual tenses.
  • whole Korean translations together with Korean Script (hangul).
  • worthy and engaging notes on Korean language and culture.
  • plenty of colourful, enjoyable and useful expressions now not coated in different phrasebooks.

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We gonna struggle, or no longer? ssaul keoya, mal keoya? ssah-ool goyah, mahl goyah? 싸울 거야, 말 거야? Let’s struggle and notice! han beon hae bojagu! hahn buhn hay boh-jah-goo! 한 번 해 보자구! Ouch! aya! ahyah! 아야! Don’t! geuman! geu-mahn! 그만! That hurts! apa! ahpah! 아파! support! sallyeo juseyo! sallyuh joo-say-oh! 살려 주세요! dowajuseyo! doh-wah-jooseyo! 도와주세요! Don’t hit me! ttaeriji ma! ttay-reejee mah! 때리지 마! You deserve it! majado ssa! mahj-ahdoh ssah! 맞아도 싸! Don’t do it back! dashin hajima! dah-sheen hah-jeemah! 다신 하지마! Say you’re sorry! sagwahae! sahgwah-hay! 사과해! —Sorry. mianhae. mee-ahnhay. 미안해. You’re correct. niga maja. neegah mahjah. 네가 맞아. although 네가 (you) feels like it's going to be suggested “nay-gah,” it’s regularly reported “neegah” to tell apart it from 내가 (I). i used to be incorrect. naega teullyeosseo. naygah teul-lyuhss-oh. 내가 틀렸어. It used to be my fault. naega jalmotaesseo. naygah chahl-moat-hess-oh. 내가 잘못했어. Forgive me. yongseohae jwo. yong-suh-hay jwaw. 용서해 줘. I forgive you. yongseohae julkke. yong-suh-hay joolkkay. 용서해 줄게. You’re making me snicker! ut-kkine! oot-kkeenay! 웃기네! You win. niga igyeosseo. neegah ee-gyuss-oh. 네가 이겼어. I lose. naega jeosseo. naygah juss-oh. 내가 졌어. designated KOREAN INSULTS Fugly mae-ju may-joo 매주 actually “fermented beans,” this suggests a freakin’ grotesque individual. Gold digger dwen-jang-nyeo dwen-jang-nyaw 된장녀 actually, “bean paste girl”—the implication here's that they’re superficial and shallow—this individual can’t inform shit from bean paste. Retard / moron (stone head) dol-dae-geo-ri dol-day-gaw-ri 돌대가리 No logic / fool gae-nyeom-eops-da gay-nyuhm-awp-da 개념없다 개념 is derived from a Korean observe that means “notion,” and is usually used to intend “common feel. ” 없다 capability “to no longer exist,” so that you can see why this might be offensive. You’re under an insect. beollemando motan saekki. bawl-lay-mahn-doe moat-hahn say-kkee. 벌레만도 못한 새끼. Son of a beggar. geoji saekki. guhjee sekkee. 거지 새끼. Son of a complain. gae saekki. homosexual sekkee. 개 새끼. Son of an fool. babo saekki. bahboh sekkee. 바보 새끼. Fuck! sshibal! ssheebahl! 씨발! word: to censor your self, say 아이씨 “ah-ee-shi”—it’s like announcing “aw-ffff”—like you’re going to claim it yet then don’t. Fuck you! sshibal nom! (to male) sshee-bahl nohm! 씨발 놈! sshibal nyeon! (to lady) sshee-bahl nyuhn! 씨발 년! sshibangsae! sshee-bahngsay! 씨방새! You peasant! ssyangnyeon! (women) sshang-nyuhn! 썅년! ssyangnom! (men) sshang-nohm! 썅놈! you seem like a penis! jot-kateun nom! (men) joat-kkahteun nohm! 좆 같은 놈! jot-kkateun nyeon! (women) joat-kkahteun nyuhn! 좆 같은 년! You piece of shit! jot-tto anin saekki! joat-doe ahneen sekkee! 좆도 아닌 새끼! not like the above expression, this one actually capacity “You’re now not even a penis”—as in, you’re no longer even worthy calling a dick. Don’t blow their own horns! jalnan cheok hajima! chahllahn chuck hahjee-mah! 잘난 척 하지마! pass drink your mother’s breast milk after which come again! gaseo eomma jeojina deo meok-kko wa! gahsaw um-mah juhj-eenah duh mawk-go wah! 가서 엄마 젖이나 더 먹고와! cross domestic and masturbate! jibe gaseo ttalttalina cheo! jeebay gahsoh ttahl-ttahl-eenah chaw! 집에 가서 딸딸이나 쳐! Are you insane? neo byeongshiniya? naw byuhng-shin-ee-ya? 너 병신이야? loopy guy! michin nom!

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