By Stephanie van der Linden

Enjoy a clean new method of sock knitting! Stephanie van der Linden is a grasp knitter and indicates her technical abilities to nice influence in Op-Art Socks. A collector of op-art ceramics, she used to be encouraged to translate photo optical illusions into knitted styles for socks, replicating their eye-popping effects.

Op-Art Socks comprises 19 initiatives. discover image colorwork, textured knitting (knit and purl), shadow knitting, and moving ribbing to create optical illusions. The booklet contains black and white swatches of all styles that you can simply understand the op-art illusions in every one piece.

Op-Art Socks is actually designated in topic and designs. transcend usual sock knitting into new territory!

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Utilizing comparable needle and yarn hooked up to beg of heel-flap sts, k18 (20) heel sts, then choose up and knit sixteen (17) sts (1 st for every garter ridge) alongside left aspect of heel flap—114 (130) sts overall; 50 (54) sole sts on Needle 2, 32 (38) instep sts every one on Needle 1 and Needle three. paintings from side to side in rows on sole sts of Needle 2, dec for gussets and becoming a member of to instep sts as foll: Row 1: (WS) Purl to final st of Needle 2, p2tog (last st of Needle 2 tog with 1 st from Needle 1), flip— 1 st joined from Needle 1. Row 2: (RS) Sl 1, k1, ssk, knit to final four sts of Needle 2, k2tog, k1, ssk (last st of Needle 2 tog with 1 st from Needle 3), turn—2 sole sts dec’d on Needle 2; 1 st joined from Needle three. Row three: Sl 1, purl to final st of Needle 2, p2tog (last st of Needle 2 tog with 1 st from Needle 1), turn—1 st joined from Needle 1. Rep Rows 2 and three 8 (nine) extra times—77 (89) sts rem; 22 (27) sts on Needle 1, 32 (34) sole sts on Needle 2, 23 (28) sts on Needle three. word: Needle 1 has one much less sew than Needle three since it had an additional sew joined in Row 1. Sole paintings even in rows on sole sts whereas cont to affix instep sts as foll: Row 1: (RS) Sl 1, knit to final st of Needle 2, ssk (last st of Needle 2 tog with 1 st from Needle 3), turn—1 st joined from Needle three. Row 2: (WS) Sl 1, purl to final st of Needle 2, p2tog (last st of final st of Needle 2 tog with 1 st from Needle 1), turn—1 st joined from Needle 1. Rep those 2 rows 21 (26) extra instances, then paintings Row 1 as soon as more—32 (34) sole sts rem; all instep sts were joined; foot measures approximately 7 (81⁄4)" (18 [21] cm) from heart again heel. Toe Set-up rnd: With RS dealing with and an empty cir needle (Needle 1), decide up and knit 32 sts alongside toe fringe of instep extension; with Needle 2, knit—64 (66) sts overall; 32 sts on Needle 1 for either sizes, 32 (34) sts on Needle 2. Women’s measurement basically Knit 2 rnds. Men’s dimension merely subsequent rnd: With Needle 1, [k16, M1] 2 instances; with Needle 2, knit—68 sts; 34 sts each one needle. subsequent rnd: Knit. either sizes notice: For an extended foot, paintings extra rounds even right here ahead of starting the toe decreases; each three rounds extra will extend the foot through approximately 1⁄4" (6 mm). Dec rnd: With Needle 1, *k1, ssk, knit to final three sts, k2tog, k1; with Needle 2, rep from *—4 sts dec’d; 2 sts dec’d every one needle. Knit three rnds even, then rep dec rnd—56 (60) sts rem; 28 (30) sts each one needle. [Knit 2 rnds even, then rep dec rnd] 2 times—48 (52) sts rem; 24 (26) sts every one needle. [Knit 1 rnd even, then rep dec rnd] five (6) times—28 sts rem for either sizes; 14 sts every one needle. paintings dec rnd each rnd five extra times—8 sts rem for either sizes; four sts each one needle; toe measures approximately 21⁄4 (21⁄2)" (5. five [6. five] cm). completing minimize yarn, leaving an eight" (20. five cm) tail. Thread tail onto a tapestry needle, draw via rem sts, pull tight to shut gap, and connect off on WS. CUFF With MC and RS dealing with, decide up and knit sixty four (68) sts flippantly spaced alongside the cuff fringe of the leg starting. manage sts calmly on cir needles in order that there are 32 (34) sts on every one needle.

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