By Jean Yates

Speak along with your Spanish-speaking employees--no earlier wisdom of Spanish needed!

Perfect words in Spanish for Gardening and Landscaping delivers greater than 500 very important phrases and words particular to the landscaping undefined, with translations spelled out phonetically so that you can say what you must say immediately.

For example:
Cover with mulch. Cubra con mulchin. (KOO-brah kohn mool-CHEENG)

Use acid fertilizer right here. Use fertilizante ácido aquí. (OO-seh fehr-tee-lee-SAHN-teh AH-see-thoh ah-KEE)

Use a rake. Use un rastrillo. (OO-seh oon rah-STREE-yoh)

Learn the Spanish phrases and words for: replacing pleasantries * interviewing strength staff * discussing pay expense and taxes * giving directions * terminating an worker * setting up paintings hours * explaining security and emergency tactics * praising solid work

With ideal words in Spanish for Gardening and Landscaping, you could conquer the language barrier and advance a extra collaborative, effective office surroundings.

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Cuándo? (K’WAHN-doh) now ahora (ah-OH-rah) later más tarde (MAHS TAHR-deh) quickly pronto (PROHN-toh) constantly siempre (S’YEM-preh) by no means nunca (NOONG-kah) 29 Perfect words in Spanish for Gardening and Landscaping till while? ¿Hasta cuándo? (ah-stah K’WAHN-doh) till Monday. Hasta el lunes. (ah-stah el LOO-ness) until eventually 3 o’clock. Hasta las tres. (ah-stah lahs TRESS) How . . . ? ¿Cómo? (KOH-moh) Like this / like that Así (ah-SEE) for the way lengthy? ¿Por cuánto tiempo? (por K’WAHN-toh T’YEM-poh) for 2 hours. Por dos horas. (por dohs OH-rahs) a couple of minutes. Unos pocos minutos. (oo-nohs poh-kohs mee-NOO-tohs) what number are there? ¿Cuántos hay? (K’WAHN-tohs EYE) there's one. Hay uno. (eye OO-noh) There are . Hay dos. (eye DOHS) there are numerous. Hay muchos. (eye MOO-chohs) a number of unos pocos (oo-nohs POH-kohs) 30 Spanish fundamentals How a lot is it? ¿Cuánto es? (K’WAHN-toh ess) It’s twenty cash. Son veinte dólares. (sohn BAYN-teh DOH-lah-ress) It’s much. Es mucho. (ess-MOO-choh) just a little muy poco (m’wee poh-koh) 31 This web page deliberately left clean Chapter 2 developing regulations Y our potential staff should want to be aware of what forms of tasks you do. those words may also help you clarify. Introducing your online business and guidelines it is a huge corporation. Ésta es una compañía grande. (EH-stah es oo-nah kohm-pahn-YEE-ah GRAHN-deh) small company negocio pequeño (neh-GOHS-yoh peh-KEHN-yoh) We do new initiatives. Hacemos proyectos nuevos. (ah-SEH-mohs proh-yek-tohs NWEH-bohs) outside afuera (ah-F’WEH-rah) advertisement comerciales (koh-mehrs-YAH-less) 33 Copyright © 2008 via The McGraw-Hill businesses, Inc. click on right here for phrases of use. ideal words in Spanish for Gardening and Landscaping executive para el gobierno (pah-rah el gohb-YEHR-noh) deepest particulares (par-tee-koo-LAHR-ess) We preserve proven parts. Mantenemos áreas ya establecidas. (mahn-teh-NEH-mohs AH-re-ahs yah es-tah-bleh-SEE-thahs) group parks parques públicos (PAHR-kess POO-blee-kohs) public streets calles públicas (KAH-yes POOB-lee-kahs) roads caminos (kah-MEE-nohs) highways carreteras (kahr-reh-TEH-rahs) golfing classes canchas de golfing (KAHN-chahs deh golfing) pools piscinas / albercas (pee-SEE-nahs) (ahl-BEHR-kahs) playgrounds parques de recreo para niños (PAHR-kess deh reh-KREH-oh pah-rah NEEN-yohs) the grounds of townhouses. los jardines de townhouses (lohs har-DEE-ness deh TOWN-houses) residences and condominiums de departamentos y condominios (deh deh-par-tah-MEN-tohs ee kohn-doh-MEEN-yohs) 34 Establishing guidelines person houses de casas particulares (deh KAH-sahs par-tee-kooLAH-ress) colleges de escuelas (deh eh-SKWEH-lahs) place of work structures de edificios públicos (deh eh-thee-FEESE-yohs POOB-lee-kohs) state golf equipment de golf equipment privados (deh KLOOBS pree-BAH-thohs) buying facilities de centros comerciales (deh SEN-trohs koh-mehrs-YAH-less) Indicating place of labor those expressions can assist you point out precisely the place the venture will ensue.

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