Playful Little Paper-Pieced Projects by means of Tacha Bruecher is a suite of paper-pieced initiatives that includes the very best paintings from present day so much gifted glossy quilters. you could research every little thing you must find out about starting place paper piecing, after which attempt your talents with 37 initiatives ranging in hassle and complexity. Bursting with rules and ingenuity, this publication will encourage you to incorporate paper piecing in all of your stitching projects.

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Stitch a polka dot 2˝ × 23/4˝ strip to the left of the opposite malicious program. stitch the polka dot 41/4˝ × 43/4˝ strip E to the pinnacle of the trojan horse and the polka dot 41/4˝ × 7˝ strip to the ground. eleven. stitch the lantern among the two computer virus strips and F 6. Draw a line down the diagonal at the fallacious part of the two black-and-white print 2˝ squares. Pair every one sq. with a polka dot 2˝ sq. and stitch 1/4˝ seam on each side of the drawn line. lower alongside the road to make four half-square triangles and trim to 11/4˝ sq.. 7. stitch 2 half-square triangles and a couple of polka dot 11/4˝ squares jointly to make a computer virus. Repeat this step to make a moment computer virus. fifty four Playful Little Paper-Pieced initiatives trim to 121/2˝ × 121/2˝. classic tenting lantern pil low MADE by means of Tamiko Percell  •  complete PILLOW dimension: 18˝ × 18˝ understand any tenting lovers? Why now not lead them to a classic lantern pillow to snuggle up with round the campfire and A B C to offer their tent that hot homey think. D E F fabrics and provides Paper-piecing styles are on page CD40. •• Freezer •• Polka paper for piecing dot textile: 0.5 backyard for history •• Scraps starting from 3˝ × 3˝ to 10˝ × 10˝ for lantern, flame, glass, lid, and button •• eco-friendly print textile: 21/2˝ × 21/2˝ for malicious program •• Backing •• 18˝ textile: 18˝ × 19˝ and 4˝ × 19˝ zipper •• Lining textile: 20˝ × 20˝ •• Batting: •• darkish print cloth: 1/4 backyard for binding •• Pillow •• Black 20˝ × 20˝ shape: 18˝ × 18˝ slicing POLKA DOT •• 2 squares 13/4˝ × 13/4˝ for malicious program block •• 1 sq. 21/2˝ × 21/2˝ for computer virus half-square triangles •• 1 strip 21/2˝ × 3˝ for computer virus block sashing •• 1 strip 21/2˝ × 5˝ for malicious program block sashing •• 1 strip 3˝ × 5˝ for computer virus block sashing •• 1 strip 71/2˝ × 14˝ for trojan horse block sashing •• 1 strip 2˝ × 71/4˝ for lantern block sashing •• 1 strip 2˝ × 10˝ for lantern block sashing •• 1 piece 111/2˝ × 113/4˝ for lantern block sashing darkish PRINT •• 2 strips 21/4˝ × width of material for binding embroidery thread JUNE­—Vintage tenting Lantern fifty five instructions enable 1/4˝ for all seam allowances. gather the Lantern and insect Blocks four. Hand sew a flight direction from the lantern mild 1. gather the lantern following the June block five. Embroider the bug’s antennae utilizing directions (page 53). Trim the lantern block to backstitch. to the malicious program utilizing a working sew. 53/4˝ × 10˝. 2. Piece a computer virus following Steps 6 and seven of the June block directions (page 54) utilizing the 21/2˝ polka dot squares. Trim the half-square triangles to 13/4˝. gather the Pillow best 1. stitch the 2˝ × 10˝ strip to the ideal of the lantern block. stitch the 2˝ × 71/4˝ strip to the ground of the lantern block. stitch the 111/2˝ × 113/4˝ piece to the left of the lantern block. 2. stitch the 21/2˝ × 3˝ strip to the pinnacle of the malicious program block. stitch the 21/2˝ × 5˝ strip to the left of the malicious program block. stitch the 3˝ × 5˝ strip to the ground of the malicious program block. stitch the 71/2˝ × 14˝ strip to the correct of 6. Trim the pillow most sensible to 18˝ × 18˝. the trojan horse block. stitch the head part of the pillow gather the Pillow again entrance to the ground as proven.

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