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In addition to delivering crucial ideas relating to verbs and grammar, Polish Verbs & necessities of Grammar additionally contains an index of the five hundred hottest verbs. This ebook incorporates a multitude of examples applying modern language to provide you a flavor of the language in real-life events. every one unit makes a speciality of a unmarried verbal or grammatical thought, delivering concise but accomplished explanations.

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The accusative case is used: 1. For the supplement of transitive verbs Mam brata i siostrę. Chcę kupić ser, masło, i cytrynę. Chciałbym poznać twoich przyjaciół. i've got a brother and sister. i need to shop for cheese, butter, and a lemon. I’d prefer to meet your mates. This use of the accusative is named the direct item use. commonly, the accusative is used after a verb until there's a particular cause to take advantage of one other case. 2. For the article of assorted verb ϩ preposition phrasal combos, for instance, czekać na look forward to, patrzyć na examine, pytać o ask approximately, martwić się o fear approximately, and dbać o take care of, care approximately Czekam na moją córkę. O co pytasz? Dbam o kondycję. I’m expecting my daughter. What are you asking approximately? I see to my health. three. For the item of the prepositions przez throughout, via, via (means of ), za within the meanings in/after a time period and in trade for, na within the meanings for and to, and w within the which means into and in a variety of different expressions. Pan Józef został zaangażowany przez pana Kowalczyka. Będę gotowy za minutę. Dziękuję za prezent. Jozef was once employed via Mr. Kowalczyk. I’ll be prepared in a minute. thank you for the current. 14 Polish Verbs & necessities of Grammar Idziemy do Warszawy na konferencję. Wchodzimy w las. Wyjeżdżam do Krakowa w poniedziałek. We’re going to Warsaw to a convention. We’re coming into the wooded area. I’m going to Krakow on Monday. four. For the article of the customarily instrumental prepositions między, nad, pod, przed, and za within the feel of movement to Jedziemy nad morze. Taksówka podjechała pod dom. we'll the ocean. The taxi drove as much as the home. five. to precise period of time Pracowałem tam jedną godzinę. I labored there (for) one hour. Instrumental Case (czym? kim? ) The instrumental case is used: 1. For predicate nouns after linking verbs like throughć be and zostać turn into Jestem farmakologiem. Ona jest gwiazdą filmową. On został prezydentem. i'm a pharmacologist. She is a film big name. He grew to become president. 2. to precise through (agent) and in terms of (path, course) Jedziemy tam moim samochodem. Piszę nowym długopisem. Niech pan idzie tą ulicą do rogu. We’re going there in my vehicle. I’m writing with a brand new ballpoint pen. pass alongside this road to the nook. three. to precise physique flow to accompany an motion Ona machnęła ręką. On zareagował uśmiechem. She waved (with) her hand. He reacted with a grin. four. to specific summary factors Byłem zaskoczony jego szczerością. i used to be shocked via his sincerity. five. to specific with appreciate to On może jest starszy wiekiem ale nie usposobieniem. He can be older with recognize to age, yet now not deportment. Nouns 15 6. to specific seasons and classes of time zimą nocą wieczorem within the wintry weather at evening within the night 7. For the item of the static-location prepositions między among, nad over, pod less than, przed ahead of, z with, and za in the back of Siedzę pod lipą. identificationę na koncert z moimi dobrymi przyjaciółmi. I’m sitting less than a linden tree. I’m going to a live performance with my strong neighbors. eight. For the item of convinced verbs, for instance, interesować się have an interest in, kierować direct, zajmować się be busy with, and władać have strength over, grasp Interesuję się muzyką klasyczną.

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