By Henry Ray

Learn Portuguese In 21 DAYS!

during this publication you will discover 21 highly-informative chapters at the basics of Portuguese grammar and conversation. each one bankruptcy is designed to supply self-learners an entire but compact studying fabric that would aid them converse the language comfortably in a truly short while. It addresses the desires of visitors, scholars, marketers, and pros for a grammar reference and word e-book in a single resource.

Each bankruptcy positive aspects tables, charts, and correct examples to make studying the Portuguese language an enticing and relaxing experience.

The first eight chapters care for the elemental issues each speaker may still comprehend: the alphabet, pronunciation, numbers, months and days, seasons, telling time and date, colours, and simple survival words for buying round in a Portuguese-speaking country.

The succeeding chapters care for the basic features of grammar together with sentence development and the various components of speech. The publication lands up with a bankruptcy on key shuttle words and a last bankruptcy of vocabulary listings for day-by-day conversations.

Language beginners will locate this e-book a useful reference for studying the ecu and the Brazilian branches of the Portuguese language.

Here is what you can find inside:

  • The fundamentals Of The German Language
  • The Portuguese Alphabet
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Greetings and easy Phrases
  • Portuguese Numbers
  • Months, Days, and Seasons
  • Time and Date
  • Colors In Portuguese
  • Word Order
  • Capitalization And Punctuation
  • Articles
  • Nouns And Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs, Adverbs And Prepositions
  • Useful Phrases
  • Vocabulary
  • And a lot, a lot More...

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Read Online or Download Portuguese: Learn Portuguese In 21 DAYS! - A Practical Guide To Make Portuguese Look Easy! EVEN For Beginners (Spanish, French, German, Italian) (Portuguese Edition) PDF

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O nome the identify o legume the vegetable o dress the customized o quantity the amount o uniforme the uniform o cume the head, summit o exame the examination o lume the hearth, the sunshine o queixume the lament Exceptions: a vexame (the disgrace or disgrace), a fome (the starvation) as a rule, nouns finishing in –r are masculine. o prazer the  excitement o colar the necklace o motor the motor o lar the house o andar the ground, storey o humor the humor o ar the air o par the pair, couple o ardor the passion, ardour o furor the fury, rage o aspirador the vacuum purifier o mar the ocean o bar the bar Exceptions: a colher (the spoon), a mulher (the woman), a dor (the discomfort) Nouns finishing in –l are masculine. o caracol the snail o resort the inn o sanatorium the health center o canil the kennel o mel the honey o casal the couple o perfil the profile o fossil the fossil o reptile the reptile o anel the hoop o lençol the sheet o futebol the soccer o painel the panel, photo o fuzil the rifle o papel the paper o fabric the fabric Nouns which lead to –m are masculine. o trem the teach o patim the skate o jardim the backyard o capim the grass o talharim the tagliatelle or noodles a few masculine nouns may perhaps observe to female nouns. o cônjuge the wife o animal the animal o indivíduo the person o anjo the angel female Nouns Nouns finishing in –ade and –ide are female. a cidade town a juventude the formative years a amizade the friendship a virtude the advantage a igualdade the equality a tranquilidade the tranquillity a piedade the pity a nacionalidade the nationality a prioridade the concern a universidade the collage Nouns which result in –gem are female a margem the margin a engrenagem the car’s equipment a paragem the cease a homenagem the tribute, homage a ferragem the hardwear a viagem the adventure a folhagem the foliage a malandragem the crafty, double-dealing Nouns which result in -são, –ção, –gião or – stão which correspond the English suffixes –sion, -tion, -gion, or –stion are female a intenção the purpose a mansão the mansion a erudição the educational a evasão the evasion a lição the lesson a nação the country a ilustração the representation a razão the explanation a congestão the congestion a posição the location a religião the faith a imitação the imitation a confusão the confusion a ilusão the semblance a decisão the choice a região the zone a combustão the combustion a sessão the consultation Exception: o coração (the center) Nouns which result in –cie are female. a planície the apparent a imundície the grime a superfície the outside a velhice the previous age a meninice the early life a few female nouns may perhaps practice to masculine gender. a besta the beast, animal a vítima the sufferer a criança the kid a testemunha the witness a pessoa the individual Nouns finishing in –e, z, and ão are both masculine or female on account that it’s impossible to figure out the gender via the noun’s finishing, it is going to be essential to get yourself up to speed with the gender of nouns with –e, -z, and –ão finishing.

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