By Justin T. Gass

Within the Nineteen Sixties, methaqualone - bought within the usa because the trademark Quaalude - was once generally prescribed as a remedy for insomnia and nervousness. despite the fact that, it quickly turned obvious that quaaludes have been hugely addictive and had a powerful power for leisure abuse. during the Sixties and '70s, quaaludes have been very popular as a result of their skill to provide a drunk-like kingdom with out a hangover. After years of medical study printed the dangerous brief- and long term results of utilizing quaaludes, the medicine have been made unlawful and pulled from the marketplace in so much international locations. even though, quaaludes remain abused in lots of constructing countries. "Quaaludes" covers the heritage of the medicine, the actual and mental results, their influence at the mind, their hazards of use and abuse, the portrayal of quaaludes within the media, and coverings for quaalude dependancy. Chapters of this identify comprise: an summary of Depressant medicinal drugs; What Are Quaaludes?; previous and current Use of Quaaludes; The Neuroscience of Quaalude Use; The actual and mental results of Quaaludes; Quaaludes within the renowned Media; and, difficulties linked to using Quaaludes.

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