By Christopher Gray

An exploration of the private and non secular truths printed via LSD

• finds that LSD visions weave an ongoing tale from journey to journey

• exhibits that journeys development via 3 phases: own matters and pre-birth cognizance, ego-loss, and directly to the sacred

• Explores psychedelic use all through heritage, together with the mass hallucinations universal within the center a long time and the early healing use of LSD

Toward the top of his fifties, Christopher grey took, for the 1st time in years, a 100-microgram acid journey. So remarkable, and to his shock so relaxing, have been the consequences that he started to take an analogous dose within the comparable way--quietly and on his own--once each to 3 weeks.

In The Acid Diaries, grey information his experimentation with LSD over a interval of 3 years and stocks the startling attention that his visions have been weaving an ongoing tale from journey to journey, revealing an underlying truth of private and non secular truths. Following the theories of Stanislav Grof and providing rates from others’ reports that parallel his own--including these of Aldous Huxley, Albert Hofmann, and Gordon Wasson--he exhibits that journeys development via 3 levels: the 1st facing own matters and pre-birth cognizance; the second one with ego-loss, usually with supernatural overtones; and the 3rd with sacred, non secular, or even apocalyptic issues. Pairing his stories with an exploration of psychedelic use all through background, together with the ergot-spawned mass hallucinations that have been universal in the course of the center a long time and the early use of LSD for healing reasons, grey deals readers a better figuring out and appreciation for the aptitude price of LSD now not simply for transpersonal progress but additionally for non secular improvement.

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They develop into mythopoetic. the non-public subconscious seems to be turning into changed through anything you'll good name the collective one . . . the theater of formality and fantasy. Masters and Houston name this the “symbolic level”—and it may well, back utilizing the time period loosely, be characterised because the drug’s Jungian size. the quintessential point The sensory . . . the autobiographical . . . the archetypal. a regular consultation will be multilayered with those 3 degrees moving out and in of each other. besides the fact that, there has been one ultimate, qualitatively various number of psychedelic adventure, mentioned by means of Freud and Jung, that during a number of instances looked to be non secular epiphany. This had regularly been the main contentious implication of psychedelics, the prospect that God might be installed a tablet; and Masters and Houston, whereas admitting themselves baffled as to how the sort of factor may be occurring, have been compelled to recognize small variety of their matters did seem to be having genuine mystical studies. through their very nature, such maps are certain to be oversimplified, yet studying a consultation by way of those 4 degrees offers spectacular insights. glance extra heavily, for example, at whatever as celebrated as Aldous Huxley’s mescaline journey within the doorways of notion. Why has not anyone else, or not less than not anyone on checklist, ever controlled to breed his event? If we glance at Huxley’s journey by way of Masters and Houston’s schema, we will see that it started out with a hugely confident adventure of usual good looks, which then shot directly to the symbolic or archetypal—“I was once seeing what Adam had obvious at the morning of his creation,” and so on. it appears there has been no intervening biographical or recollective-analytic point . . . yet an individual acquainted with Huxley’s lifestyles understands that he's withholding an important piece of data right here. As a schoolboy Huxley had shriveled a watch ailment that had made him not able to determine for an issue of weeks, and left him with appallingly undesirable eyesight for life—so undesirable that from time to time he’d been compelled to take advantage of a consultant puppy. Huxley was once all yet blind. might he, as he sat staring at at his little nosegay of vegetation, have handed speedy via anything you may good describe as recollective-analytic? discovered in a flash that he used to be seeing much better, higher qualitatively, than most folks ever see? His blindness have been healed. primarily, he had skilled a vintage miracle. I’d recommend he was once swept up by means of this sort of wave of gratitude and belief that it bore him without difficulty in the course of the symbolic point as much as the non-duality of Masters and Houston’s “integral point. ” yet had this step forward now not been in keeping with such optimistic feelings, it could possibly both good have lurched into schizophrenic terror. probably Masters and Houston’s e-book easily got here out too overdue. through 1966, you may believe the approaching violence within the air. That’s anything Acid desires conveys so good, the massive groundswell of collective power, then the riptide that surged via ’67 and burst into ’68, progressive 12 months of miracles .

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