By Cyrus Stearns

Cyrus Stearns describes either Dolpopa's existence and his rules. past Tibetan precedents for the Zhentong view are mentioned, in addition to Dolpopa's personal exact use of language and the foremost impacts at the improvement of his debatable theories.

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Four] the last word floor and outcome are indivisible in essence and no diversified in natural nature, yet by means of the similes of the sky with clouds and the sky with no clouds [399] they're taught to be “the flooring with stain” and “the end result separated from stain. ” [The motive indicated via the simile of the cloudy sky changing into freed from clouds, 263. four] within the transformation of final, profound definitive that means, the essence doesn't switch, however the stained turns into stainless, and the outcome separated from stain is bought, as taught by means of the simile of the sky that has turn into freed from clouds. [The reason of statements (about no simile and) with simile, 263. five] No simile thoroughly offers it precisely, yet with many similes that partly current it, . . . [The pristine scriptures current the genuine mode of fact and the mode of bewilderment, what's to be rejected and the antidote, etc, with no blending those, yet (the scriptures of ) the unsuitable Tretāyuga and later eons follow their very own unsuitable figuring out to the that means, therefore inflicting the deterioration of pristine view and meditation. 263. 6] . . . and with very many excellent purposes, the Kṛtayuga Dharma basically teaches the condensed that means of the genuine mode of fact, the mode of misunderstanding, the rejection of misunderstanding, and the elimination of misunderstanding, the floor, direction, consequence, and accompanying components of the floor of purification, the article of purification, the purifying agent, and the results of purification, and the condensed which means of pristine view, meditation, and behavior, yet that kind of type has deteriorated for the Tretāyuga and later eons. [Pristine view and meditation, 263. 7] The view that accurately realizes the genuine mode of truth and the meditation that accurately sees the genuine mode of life . . . [Rejoicing within the natural behavior of these who protect ethical self-discipline etc even if they lack and don't essentially settle for the view and meditation of the profound definitive that means, and likewise rejoicing with religion and recognize towards all who interact with out errors in the entire view, meditation, and behavior, 264. 1] . . . have as a rule deteriorated, yet many chic participants have additionally seemed who've vastly collected advantage and own stable adventure and solid behavior. To them I additionally subscribe to my hands jointly, fortunately have a good time in all complete virtues equivalent to generosity, ethical self-discipline, persistence, and diligence, [400] meditation, knowledge, energy of procedure, and prayer, and prostrate with the crown of my head bowed in trustworthy and respectful homage. I even have religion in those that, serving, honoring, and revering the 3 Jewels with religion and admire, and the 3 representations with religion and appreciate, hence enhance themselves and others. With natural concepts, I prostrate to those that, certainly knowing that every one sentient beings are our variety mom and dad and own the buddha essence, alternate self for others with love and compassion, and recognize every person as academics.

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