By Thich Nhat Hanh

The Diamond That Cuts via Illusions provides a discussion among the Buddha and his disciple Subhuti which illuminates how our minds build constrained different types of idea. It bargains us other ways to examine the area in its wholeness as a way to stumble upon a deeper fact; strengthen reverence for the surroundings and extra harmonious groups, households, and relationships; and act on the planet skillfully and effectively.

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Because of this the Tathagata has acknowledged bodhisattva doesn't have to increase advantage and happiness. ” 29 “Subhuti, if an individual says that the World-Honored One comes, is going, sits, and lies down, that individual has now not understood what i've got acknowledged. Why? The that means of Tathagata is ‘does now not come from wherever and doesn't cross wherever. ’ this is the reason he's known as a Tathagata. ” 30 “Subhuti, if a daughter or son of a very good relations have been to grind the 3,000 chiliocosms to debris of dirt, do you think that there will be many debris? ” Subhuti answered, “World-Honored One, there will be many certainly. Why? If debris of airborne dirt and dust had a true self-existence, the Buddha don't have referred to as them debris of airborne dirt and dust. What the Buddha calls debris of airborne dirt and dust are usually not, in essence, debris of airborne dirt and dust. because of this they are often known as debris of airborne dirt and dust. World-Honored One, what the Tathagata calls the 3,000 chiliocosms will not be chiliocosms. this is the reason they're referred to as chiliocosms. Why? If chiliocosms are actual, they're a compound of debris below the stipulations of being assembled into an item. That which the Tathagata calls a compound isn't basically a compound. this is the reason it truly is known as a compound. ” “Subhuti, what's known as a compound is simply a traditional method of talking. It has no actual foundation. in basic terms usual individuals are stuck up in traditional phrases. ” 31 “Subhuti, if somebody says that the Buddha has spoken of a self view, anyone view, a living-being view, or a existence span view, has that individual understood my which means? ” “No, World-Honored One. this kind of individual has no longer understood the Tathagata. Why? What the Tathagata calls a self view, someone view, a living-being view, or a existence span view isn't in essence a self view, an individual view, a living-being view, or a existence span view. because of this she or he is termed a self view, somebody view, a living-being view, or a existence span view. ” “Subhuti, somebody who supplies upward push to the top, such a lot fulfilled, woke up brain may still recognize that this is often real of all dharmas, may still see that each one dharmas are like this, must have self assurance within the knowing of all dharmas with none conceptions approximately dharmas. Subhuti, what's known as a perception of dharmas, the Tathagata has stated isn't really a perception of dharmas. because of this it's referred to as a notion of dharmas. ” 32 “Subhuti, if an individual have been to supply an immeasurable volume of the seven treasures to fill the worlds as endless as house as an act of generosity, the happiness as a result of that virtuous act wouldn't equivalent the happiness due to a son or daughter of a superb relations who provides upward push to the woke up brain and reads, recites, accepts, and places into perform this sutra, and explains it to others, whether just a gatha of 4 strains. In what spirit is that this rationalization given? with no being stuck up in indicators, simply in response to issues as they're, with out agitation. Why is that this? All composed issues are like a dream, a phantom, a drop of dew, a flash of lightning. that's how you can meditate on them, that's the way to realize them.

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