By Barbara Bock

Delivering a entire exam of the characteristics and parts of authority old Babylonians attributed to their therapeutic goddess, this ebook attracts on quite a lot of Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform resources, together with god lists, literary compositions, lexical lists, prognostic texts, incantations, and prescriptions. Analysing using chosen metaphors linked to the goddess, a brand new point of view is on the market at the cause of ailment in addition to the incentive for specific remedies. distinct chapters take care of the cuneiform guide on diagnosis and analysis of illnesses, scientific incantations attractive to the therapeutic goddess, and the medicinal vegetation attributed to her. For the 1st time a physique of proof for using uncomplicated medications is introduced jointly, elaborating on particular plant profiles. the result's a quantity that demanding situations many long-held assumptions in regards to the really good cuneiform clinical literature and takes a clean glance at the nature of old Babylonian therapeutic.

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Ein Menschheitsproblem im Wandel, Würzburg 1986, p. 30. 84 I have taken the indications from the MSD-Manual der Diagnostik und Therapie, München – Wien – Baltimore 1988, p. 1694. sixty four bankruptcy 3 Buʾšānu is powerful, like a lion it has stuck the throat, like a wolf it has stuck the demanding and taste bud, it has stuck the tongue, it dwells within the windpipe or robust is the seizure of buʾšānu. Like a lion it has stuck the pinnacle, like a wolf it has stuck the throat, it has stuck the nostril, it has stuck the tongue, it dwells among teeth. eighty five The respective therapeutic spells describe very graphically exactly the choking sensation, which the swelling of the troubled elements explanations. 86 the subsequent desk comprises the attestations that discuss with the ‘hand of Gula’ and the buʾšānu illness. 87, 88 TDP XL Gula’s ‘hand’ “buʾšānu has seized (the infant)” five his physique is yellow, he doesn't have fever, his temples are sunken, his nostril is stopped up and doesn't produce mucus87 uzu. me-šu₂ ur-qa₂ it-ta-du-u₂ kum₂ l. a. u₂-kal sag. ki. ii-šu₂ ma-aq-tu₂ ap-pi-šu₂ ma-gal i-si-ir u₂-pa-ṭi los angeles i-[šu sixty one his physique is darkish (variant: is sunken) and he's fumbling his nostril, his eyes are with tears88 uzu. meš-šu₂ ge₆. meš : šub-tu u ap-pa-šu₂ uz-za-na-ar di-im-tum ina igi. ii-šu₂ gen-ak 85 See for either incantations H. starvation, SpTU I forty four. Quoted are rev. ll. 55–57 and ll. 65–66 on p. fifty two. 86 I desire to thank Dr. H. J. Breimann from Münster for the recommendation that the meta­ phorical language expresses soreness rather well. 87 The affliction identify is written BI-LU that's defined within the statement textual content to this line, SpTU I forty-one line five, with the buʾšānu illness. This id is tough, as okay. Volk dis­ stubborn in his “Kinderkrankheiten nach der Darstellung babylonisch-assyrischer Keilschrift­ texte,” p. 27 observe 166, in view that during this line and in TDP p. 230 line 114 (in TDP p. 224 line sixty one the verb is damaged) BI-LU is developed with a verbal shape in plural: ṣabtūšu “they—the BI-LU diseases—have seized the infant;” against this, buʾšānu is usually built with a verbal shape within the singular. 88 The disorder identify is spelled BI-LU. instruction manual of analysis and analysis, sakikkû sixty five (cont. ) TDP XL Gula’s ‘hand’ seventy six “his physique is yellow” uzu. meš-šu₂ sig₇ šub-u₂ seventy seven “his abdominal is yellow” ša₃. meš-šu₂ sig₇ šub-u₂ seventy eight “his epigastrium protrudes” sag ša₃-šu₂ za-qir seventy nine “he has fever and intestinal cramps” kum₂ tuku ša₃. meš-šu₂ eb-ṭu eighty “he has no fever and intestinal cramps” kum₂ nu tuku ša₃. meš-šu₂ eb-ṭu eighty one “. . . ” ru-šu-ud eighty two “he retains turning around and is upset”89 it-ta-na-as-ḫar it-ta-na-as-la-ʾa eighty three “he is again and again perturbed” lu₃. lu₃-aḫ eighty four “he is repeatedly stretching (the limbs) and his palms are became backwards” iš-ta-na-ad-da-ad u a₂. ii-šu₂ gur-ra eighty five “one second his physique is feeble, then he's superb” uzu. me-šu₂ za-mar i-šaḫ-ḫu-ḫu za-mar i-šal-li-mu 86 “he is purple and yellow” sa₅ u sig₇ 87 “he is white and black” babbar u ge₆ “buʾšānu has seized (the infant)” 89 The textual content allows numerous interpretations; D.

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