By Francis C. Wells

This e-book includes all of Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings at the center and its body structure, followed through re-translations of all the linked notes. All Leonardo's drawings were interpreted within the mild of recent wisdom via a practising cardiac clinician and anatomist. The veracity of his paintings is confirmed opposed to modern dissections of cardiac constitution and comparability of his illustrations with modern photos generated by way of Magnetic Resonance scanners and excessive definition ultrasound will astound the reader. probably the main attention-grabbing aspect is the re-dissection of the Ox center set opposed to Leonardo’s personal drawings. His position within the higher scheme of anatomical improvement could be placed into context together with his principles of man’s position within the microcosm/macrocosm continuum.

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I additionally present in a decrepit previous inlūgheza guy the mesenteric veins obstructing the passage of blood, and doubled in size. [Fig. 2] giovane [Fig. 2] early life [Fig. three] vechio [Fig. three] previous guy [IV] natura delle vene | nella giovētu e ve|chiezza – [IV] the character of the veins in formative years and age Quanto le vene sinvechiano esse si | desstrughā laloro rettitudjne nelle | because the veins become older they spoil the straightness in their le lor ramjfichationi essifan tā|to piv fressuose over serpeggiāti | (qua) e ramifications they usually produce as even more tortuosity or windings, dj piu grossa schorza quā|to lauechieza e piu abōdante dānj with thicker coats, as age is extra considerable in years. [V] during this form of demonstration you'll make the genuine contours [V] faraj in quesste sorte djdjmōstrati|onj liueri djntornj delli mēbri cō|nuna sola linja e in mezo situa | lisua ossi cholle vere djsstan|tie dalla of the limbs with a unmarried line; and within the heart position the bones at sua pelle coe pelle del | · braccio · eppoi faraj le vene ches|sieno intere their precise distances from the surface, that's, the surface of the arm. And inchanpo trans|sparente e cosi sidara chia|ra notitia delsito dellosso vena you are going to do the veins which could be entire in a clear box | ennervi of imaginative and prescient; and during this approach transparent wisdom of the location of the bone, vein and nerves may be given. [I] 58 Leonardo Da Vinci Drawings RL 19028 verso, The vessels of liver, spleen and kidneys. Leonardo da Vinci (Vinci 1452-Amboise 1519). c. 1508. Pen and ink over black chalk (Lent by way of Her Majesty The Queen. Royal assortment © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) 60 Leonardo Da Vinci Drawings RL 19028 recto, the guts in comparison to a seed. Leonardo da Vinci (Vinci 1452-Amboise 1519). c. 1508. Pen and ink over black chalk (Lent via Her Majesty The Queen. Royal assortment © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) Leonardo Da Vinci Drawings sixty one 19028 r (B eleven r). Pen and brown ink (two colors) over lines of black chalk. 192 × one hundred forty mm. [I] The diaphragm is connected to the twelfth rib. [I] Il djaf[ran]a e apichato alla 12a costa [II] farai leuene chessono nelchore | echosi larterie chello vivifjca|no [II] Draw the veins that are within the center, and in addition the arteries, ennutrisscano which vivify and nourish it. [Fig. 1] m n o [Fig. 1] m n o [Fig. 2] nocco|lo a b c [Fig. 2] nut a b c [III] Tutte le uene e arterie nasscano dalcore e llaragone | he [III] the entire veins and arteries come up from the center; and the reason being c < h > ella magore grosseza chessitrovi inesse vene e ar|terie he nella that the largest veins and arteries are discovered at their conjunction with conguntione che esse āno col middle · e cq|quanto piu siremovano dal the center. And the extra they're faraway from the center the finer they middle piu si assottigliano | essj djujdano inpiu mjnute ramjficationj E turn into, and so they divide into very small branches. And should you say that sse ttu | djcessi chelle vene nasscessino nella gibbosita del fe|gato the veins come up within the gibbosity of the liver simply because they've got their perche esse anno l. a. loro ramjfichatione ines|sa gibbosita sicome le ramifications during this gibbosity, simply because the roots of crops have within the radjci delle piante anno nella | terra cque sta conparatione sirissponde earth, the answer to this comparability is that vegetation wouldn't have their chelle piante | nonanno la(loro) origine nelle loro radjci ma lle ra|dici starting place of their roots, however the roots and different ramifications take starting place ellaltre ramjficationj anno lorigine dalla pa|rte inferiore desse piante l. a. from that decrease a part of the plant that is located among the air and quale sta infra llaria | ella terra ettutte le parte della pianta inferiore | e the earth.

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