By Brian Jacques

In his acclaimed and cherished Redwall sequence, New York occasions bestselling writer Brian Jaques "shows no indicators of letting up or slowing down the action." (VOYA) stopover at the light critters of Mossflower wooden with The Rogue Crew...

In which the courageous hares of the lengthy Patrol workforce up with the fearless sea otters of the Rogue group to protect Redwall Abbey from the phobia of either land and sea—the pirate Razzid Wearat…

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Strolling within the lead with Drogbuk, Swiffo needed to sluggish his speed to check the traditional hog. He was once no longer most sensible happy whilst the oldster sat down on a fallen spruce trunk. The younger sea otter held forth his paw. “C’mon, Granpa, up ye come. Let’s get goin’—I don’t like this position. faster we’re outta the following the higher, eh? ” Drogbuk shook the paw off his shoulder, pointing out moodily, “I don’t like this position both, yet a beast o’ my seasons ’as to relaxation. I ain’t as spry as you whippersnappers. ” Swiffo known as a halt. “Take a brief leisure, buddies. ” Drogbuk felt susceptible to argue, so he did. “A brief leisure is it, eh? Lissen, wavedog, I’ll relaxation fer so long as I likes, see? I’m the single wot is familiar with the way in which, so ye can’t pass at any place widout me to steer ye! ” Log a Log Dandy attempted humouring him. “Yore correct there, ole feller. You cool yore paws awhile. ” Drogbuk caught out his snout stubbornly. “Aye, an’ when I’m coolin’ me paws, wot approximately a few vittles an’ a drop t’drink, or do I ’ave t’starve t’death? ” Swiffo shrugged. “Wouldn’t brain a chew o’ grub meself, mate. difficulty is, we ain’t bought none, an’ there ain’t any to be bought round this position, until anybeast wishes t’go foragin’. ” The Guosim scout Dobble dusted loam from his tail. “I’ll have a look round. There’s bought t’be somethin’ a physique may perhaps devour. ” Frabb, a tough-faced Guosim, volunteered himself. “I’ll decide on ye, Dobble. If’n I don’t git me paws on a few vittles quickly, I’ll commence eatin’ me personal tail! ” As they strode off jointly, Log a Log Dandy referred to as, “Keep yore eyes skinned for hassle, friends, an’ provide our Guosim cry if’n there’s anythin’ amiss. ” After the pair had vanished into the golf green gloom, the others sat resting. It used to be an uneasy time. A pall of silence lay upon the total celebration. Uggo and Posy moved towards one another, staring uneasily round, stiffening at a legitimate within the heritage. The shrew Banktail appeared fairly unsatisfied on the scenario. “See? I instructed ye we was once bein’ watched. Now they’re trackin’ us. ” Dandy nudged him difficult. “Why don’t ye speak a piece louder, in order that whoever it truly is can locate us more straightforward? Huh, wot makes ye imagine we’re bein’ tracked, eh? ” as though fearing to show, Uggo gestured backward. “That noise simply then. It gave the impression of somethin’ slitherin’ during the dry leaves, a snake possibly. ” on the point out of the note snake, a nervous moan arose from the shrews, who have been mortally scared of serpents. Even the Log a Log seemed frightened; he prodded Drogbuk. “Did ye say there has been snakes around right here, outdated un? ” the traditional hog nodded. “Aye, an’ I ain’t within the behavior o’ tellin’ lies. that may be the sound of a snake! ” Swiffo accumulated a few dried moss. With knifeblade and flint, he begun conjuring up a smouldering little heap. “Ahoy, Guosim, don’t take a seat there like crabs at a cookup, git gatherin’ dry wooden. Fire’ll hold anybeast at bay, even snakes. C’mon, friends, convey willin’! ” Nervously the Guosim set approximately their chore, inspired by way of Dandy, who used to be placing on a courageous face. Uggo and Posy joined in. quickly there has been a significant stack of useless twigs and branches piled up for kindling.

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