By Tom Heehler

The final consultant to robust Language
If you’ve ever fumbled whereas attempting to use an immense note* to provoke a crowd, you recognize what it’s wish to* be poorly spoken. the phobia of mispronouncing or misusing complicated phrases is genuine and leaves many people consigned to the reduce degrees* of the English Language.
The mystery to eloquence, even if, lies in simplicity—the skill to take advantage of usual phrases in remarkable ways.
The Well-Spoken glossary is your advisor to eloquence, changing the usual with the intense. whereas a standard glossary offers in simple terms synonyms as mere word-for-word equivalents, The Well-Spoken word list is jam-packed with* dynamic reinventions of normal phrases and phrases.

*lofty note, pretentious word
*know what it really is to
*lower reaches, reduce echelons
*awash in, instilled with, dense with, wealthy in

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H. G. Wells, The conflict of the Worlds HALLWAY -corridor surrender TO -entrust on your care -commend for your care passed DOWN -bequeathed -bestowed dealt with HERSELF good -acquitted herself good HANDLERS (POLITICAL HANDLERS) -the Praetorian protect “If you need to interview the president, you’ve obtained to get earlier the Praetorian safeguard. ” fingers OFF technique -laissez-faire {French, lay-zay-FAIR} -benign overlook good-looking -rakish HANDWRITING -script -in the main appealing hand -in the hand of hang around WITH THAT CROWD -the circles within which they stream hold OVER -drape placing OUT WITH -going approximately with HANGOUTS -usual haunts HANGOVER treatment -prairie oyster ensue -ensue -befall -come approximately -is borne out -come to go -take position ensue whilst -coincide occurred back -the scene replayed itself in occurred TO -what grew to become of -why one of these factor had fallen on -befallen “There is one brain universal to all person males. each guy is an inlet to an identical and to the entire comparable. He that's as soon as admitted to the proper of cause is made a freeman of the entire property. What Plato has concept, he might imagine; what a saint has felt, he may well suppose; what at any time has befallen any guy, he can comprehend. Who hath entry to this common brain is a celebration to all that's or should be performed, for this can be the single and sovereign agent. ” Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Essay on historical past” no matter what occurred to the kid? What turned of the kid? occurred to work out HER someday -chanced to work out her sooner or later occurs each day -an daily prevalence HAPPINESS -cheer -felicity -elation satisfied -blithe -elated -sanguine -scarcely in a position to comprise his pleasure HAPPY-GO-LUCKY -improvident [academic] -devil-may-care pleased with -encouraged through -contented with stressed -hampered -bedeviled -beleaguered -beset -dragooned challenging -difficult -onerous -like herding cats -arduous tough LINE (TAKEN a troublesome LINE) -has now not softened her view not easy TO trap -elusive challenging to deal with -cumbersome demanding to work out -imperceptible difficult to appreciate -abstruse -recondite [academic] tough to take advantage of -unwieldy not easy TO TAKE -bitter capsule to swallow labor -heavy lifting not easy employee -workhorse HARDBOILED CRIME DRAMA -film noir {French, movie nwar} HARDEN -calcify infrequently -scarcely “The planet Mars, I scarcely want remind the reader, revolves concerning the sunlight at a median distance of 140,000,000 miles, and the warmth and light it gets from the solar is simply half that got by way of this global. ” H. G. Wells, The warfare of the Worlds -little “We little understand the issues for which we pray. ” Geoffrey Chaucer not often ANY -scant -next to no event -next to not anything -negligible infrequently SLEPT -slept little HARDSHIPS -travails -wants -privations “The French nuns may infrequently realize their former quarters. Austerity and privations have given method to a complicated, cozy small lodge. ” Seth Sherwood, big apple instances, Nov. 1, 2009 HARDWORKING -assiduous -untiring -laborious damage -grievous damage -does violence to damaging -adverse -injurious -pernicious -deleterious [academic] -nocuous innocuous -benign -innocuous HARSH -discordant -unforgiving -acidulous {a-SIJ-eh-lus} [academic] -strident HARSH and easy -austere -spartan -ascetic -puritanical -utilitarian -institutional HARSH legislation -draconian legislation HARSH features -asperities {as-PARE-ih-tees} HARSH SOUNDING -strident -enough to set teeth on aspect -braying HARSH assertion -strongly worded assertion -speaking much less diplomatically HARSH phrases -caustic statement HARSHNESS OF mood -asperity HARSHNESS OF OPINION -tyranny of opinion HAS -presents -displays -is endowed with -enjoys -suffers from -is blessed with -boasts -commands -occupies -retains HAS consistently ARGUED -has lengthy argued HAS something TO DO WITH -seldom trades within the foreign money of HAS BEEN for a very long time -has lengthy been HAS BEEN WATCHED -has come less than larger scrutiny HAS began -is in complete swing HAS keep watch over OVER -has buy on HAS extra TO DO WITH -has better relevance to HAS NO suggestion -cannot account for She had no notion what occurred to the cash.

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