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Argillite arbutus D Argillite is a number of shale, a smooth stone (madrona) used for carving,particularly via Haida artists. It D The tree often called arbutus in Canada and as is a really dark-coloured, compact rock comprise- madrona within the usa is a broadleaf ing silica and having no slaty cleavage. at the 15 coast, argillite is uncommon; the first resource is a unmarried quarry named Slatechuck on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands). Prospectors looking for copper and coal within the 18205 stumbled on this argillite deposit, and Haida artists ascertained that this newly found source should be labored with much less hassle than bone or ivory. (Argillite is sort of a hardwood—the islands lacked hardwood timber, even though yew is frequently tougher than many Northwest Coast hardwoods and used to be frequently utilized by Haida carvers. ) due to the fact then, carvers have used the stone to provide articles on the market. Argillite goods comprise pipes, version totem poles and homes, sculptures, jewelry, bowls, plates and small containers. this present day, many Haida carvers use the stone to provide small goods of knickknack, miniature poles and small sculptures. the bigger, older works are important, and people no longer already in museum collections are wanted through buyers and creditors. Atlaltim D The Atla&m, the Dance of the wooded area Spirits, is among the 4 major dances which are a part of the wintry weather rite of the Kwakwaka'wakw. In it, a gaggle of as much as 40 masked dancers carry treasures from the woodland. some of the mask have huge parts lined with white paint and have woodland motifs and fabrics. typically, Atla&m mask usually have been burned after the rite, in order that they have been occasionally crudely made. The mask comprise humans, animals, woodland spirits,ghosts and supernatural beings akin to Grouse, lengthy lifestyles version totem pole in argillite. EDWARD s. CURTIS photograph (DETAIL), MAC 0-003104 sixteen Bringer, Nulamat, Frog lady, lady Giving beginning, Bullhead and Mimic. a few of them, resembling Huxwhukw, Crooked-Beak, Raven and wealthy lady, additionally seem in different dances. B Bagwis D Bagwis is a risk free Kwakwaka'wakw being of the undersea global. He likes kelp beds and is curious yet shy. often, he's represented on a masks; his entrance tooth usually reason him to be incorrect for Beaver. occasionally the masks has Loon connected to the brow. Bakwas (Bukwus, Bookwuu,Wild guy of the Woods) D Bakwas is the Kwakwaka'wakw identify for a supernatural being who lurks at the edges of forests and close to streams, hoping to trap the souls of these who drown or unwitting people to devour his ghost meals, which explanations them to turn into otherworldly, like him. he's the Wild guy of the Woods, the Keeper of Drowned Souls, and kids are taught to be cautious of him. these souls captured by way of Balcwas are condemned to everlasting starvation, distress, wandering and evildoing. Bakwas masks (Kwakwaka'wakw). EDWARD s. CURTIS picture, MAC 0-030920 The discontented spirits of drowned souls occasionally accompany Bakwas, and he's heavily relating to the spirit international the place the lifeless stay. Bakwas is pointed out via a skeletal, humanoid face with deep, around eye sockets; a hooked or beak-like nostril; a longer forehead; hole cheeks; and a wide, grimacing Wild guy of the Woods masks (Nuxalk).

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