By Harry Shannon

Bizarre, bizarre West supplies cowboys and creatures, dirt devils and demons, and unusual worlds past the area of sanity. in case you get pleasure from horror, you will consume those creepily enjoyable tales of lifestyles and dying on an unforgiving desolate tract.

It's been acknowledged that there are occasions and locations one won't dream approximately, less stopover at. Too undesirable. Saddle up. Six ordinary stories by way of award-winning writer Harry Shannon are ready to take you away...

"Master craftsmanship!" -Cemetery Dance

"Impeccable pacing and a mind for the terrifying." -Publisher's Weekly

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The icy, scattered stars are like teardrops of crystal in a relaxed, darkish ocean. A harsh wind is coming from the east, off the dry salt residences; wheezing down the gully and into this small canyon. It seems like a creature in ache. Time hangs suspended. This land may perhaps without problems stream 100 years ahead or again, yet this can be the evening of April sixteenth, 1892. Pray for me. i'll no longer stay to work out the morning. it truly is getting tough to imagine, less write during this magazine. i will now not believe my legs and probably have misplaced loads of blood. i will not odor something yet dirt, cordite, my very own stink and the acrid scent of lamp oil. Ominous shadows are dancing throughout me, lurking simply past a yellow smear of sunshine, awaiting my lantern to head out. while the glare not hurts their eyes they are going to assault. i've got no excuse for my behavior; I definitely can't plead lack of knowledge. I back to Nevada already well-schooled within the background of the zone. in spite of everything, my grandfather's ranch, numerous miles south of 2 bushes, overlapped a lot of what have been the land of the pony people. I heard the legends on the knee of Nelly Tall endure, who watched over me, this either earlier than and after my mom and dad died of the fever. previous Nelly used to be a wide girl, jolly but fairly implementing. She wore light deerskin and turquoise beads that have been patiently threaded onto tiny strips of leather-based: Oiled hair, black as newspaper ink; pulled again tight and braided. It stored her getting older face younger. in reality, Nelly nonetheless appeared girlish a lot later, in her coffin. She advised me of that savage tribe; how the pony people had sacrificed their very own young children and younger women to a demon known as Orunde. They have been the single recognized cannibals within the zone and finally their bloodlust all yet wiped them from the face of the earth. As for me, i'd tremble in awe while advised of those primitive, terrible beings, my little pulse racing with boyish pride. once in a while my mom could overhear this type of recitation, develop distraught and sternly admonish Nelly to 'stop this nonsense for the sake of the kid's immortal soul. ' mom used to be a kept Christian and a stern taskmaster. I revered her, definitely, however it used to be Nelly whom I enjoyed as my precise mom. After this sort of scolding, Nelly might promise to chorus from talking of the pony people back, yet earlier than too lengthy i'd attraction another story from her reluctant lips. however, my father used to be now not a spiritual fellow. certainly, he used to be recognized to benefit from the occasional card video game, a cigar and a few brandy. Father used to be a bald, around and bookish guy given to donning suspenders and wire-frame glasses. i feel he chanced on Nelly and her macabre fables rather a laugh. actually, he might argue to mom, 'would you quite he learn a Grimm Brothers fairy story of a cannibal witch baking dwell young ones in her oven? ' Father reckoned that no damage may well ever come to me only from 'the fevered mind's eye of a tribe of illiterate savages. ' Hogwash, he may sputter, is hogwash. yet Nelly swore that her personal great-great-grandmother have been a Horse Human named Crow Wing.

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